ECA Junior Slalom Cup

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2023’s edition
Entry fees for ECA Junior Slalom Cup 2023 – slalom events:
  • Flattach: 40 EUR
  • Valstagna: 40 EUR
  • Ivrea: 40 EUR
  • Solkan: 40 EUR
  • Bratislava: 40 EUR
  • Augsburg: 40 EUR
  • Krakow: 40 EUR
  • Roudnice: 40 EUR

The entry fee is set for a boat. If athlete starts in two categories then entry fee for athlete is 80 EUR.

Official categories
  • U16
  • U18

Unofficial categories / up to decision of event organiser

  • U14
  • U23
  • Open


2023 ICF Competition Rules (PDF), ECA Junior Slalom Cup race progression system

Race format

  • 1st run – heats
  • 2nd run – finals

According to the ECA Junior Slalom Cup rules 2/3 best athletes from 1st run will progress to final run:

  • in WC1, MC1, WK1 max. 20 athletes per each age group
  • in MK1 max. 30 athletes per each age group

Final classification of the event will be sum of final results of the two competitions according ECA Junior Slalom Cup ranking points system. In case of same points of several athletes, Sunday points decide. 

Overall ranking

The ECA Junior Slalom Cup 2023 ranking is calculated from the best 7 competitions out of the total 16 competitions in a season. Category is considered official and included in the ranking only when minimum number of athletes starting in an age group category/race is 4.

ECA Junior Slalom Cup – point allocation table (PDF)

Please note that each HOC reserves the possibility to change time schedules and events sequence in relation to the number of registered athletes as well as close entries sooner than previously announced deadline after reaching the limit of registered athletes.