ECA Junior Slalom Cup

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Please fill entry form bellow

This entry form is set for 20 athletes.  In case you want to entry more than 20 athletes please add to your club name numbers 1, 2, 3 ..
eg. Name of the Club: Kayak Klub Bratislava 1, Name of the Club: Kayak Klub Bratislava 2

In case of any troubles please contact us on

ECA Junior Slalom Cup 2024 entries payment process

Entries for all competitions are possible only online through official website of the ECA Junior Slalom Cup –
The deadline for online entries is set for 3 weeks before the start of the race. Entries might close earlier if the entry limit is reached. After the deadline, entries are only accepted according to the race organizer’s agreement. Registration should be made in groups, either by club or association. Entries will only be confirmed after the receipt of the entry fee payment

Entry fee payment
After the entry submission, the organizer will contact you at the email address you provided in the entry form with the total amount due for the entry fee. All entry fees are paid directly to the race organizer via bank transfer and must be accounted for 3 weeks before the start of the event. The organizer will issue an invoice to the athlete, club, or association with the details listed in the online entry form.

If the entry fee is not paid on time, the starting position might be given to other athletes on the waiting list.

Cancellations and changes of registrations
Until deadline for online entries (3 weeks before start of the race) organizer will fully refund your entry fee.

After deadline there will be a cancellation fee of 5 € per registered start (35 € will be refunded for slalom events, 15€ for kayak cross events). Changes of athletes in registrations are possible, with no fees charged for alterations.

For athletes who cannot participate in the race due to health reasons, no cancellation fee will be charged upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate. Cancellations and changes are only possible through the contact person using the same email address as listed in the online entry.

All refunds for canceled entries must be processed by the organizer no later than 10 days after the race. Refunds will only be possible via bank transfer to same bank account. In case of any complications after this period, please directly contact Technical committee of ECA Junior slalom cup series at