ECA Junior Slalom Cup

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ECA Junior Slalom Cup/ENTRIES / SOLKAN


Please fill entry form bellow

This entry form is set for 20 athletes.  In case you want to entry more than 20 athletes please add to your club name numbers 1, 2, 3 ..
eg. Name of the Club: Kayak Klub Bratislava 1, Name of the Club: Kayak Klub Bratislava 2

For C2 M / C2 Mix please write both names in the one row, e.g. Peter Hochschorner, Pavol Hochschorner

In case of any troubles please contact us on

Deadline for entries: 14.06.2022

ENTRIES Solkan / 18.-19.6.2022

ENTRIES Solkan / 18.-19.6.2022


After submitting you will receive confirmation e-mail. If you will not receive confirmation email with all your entries please contact us on